Erik Olsen presented an award for his work within the Hobie Class

At the European Hobie Class Association AGM, retiring International Hobie Class Association Rules Chairman Erik Olsen was presented an award for his years of service to the Hobie class. Erik has been the chairman of the IHCA Rules Committee for over 15 years. Last year the IHCA Council awarded Erik Life Membership of the IHCA. At the EHCA AGM the IHCA Vice President Thorin Zeilmaker presented a model of the Hobie Wild Cat to thank Erik for his years of work for the class.

The present was partly sponsored and made by Hobie Cat Holland (Johan van Kooten)

We all wish Erik a long and happy retirement. We know Erik has still volunteered for some rules work. We hope to Erik back out sailing at some more Hobie regattas soon.

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