IHCA Class Rules updated

After the comment period and vote by the IHCA Council the following rule changes have been approved.

 Hobie Cat Dragoon Rule 11.2

11.2   Only bowsprits supplied by a HOBIE CAT COMPANY are class legal. The bowsprit shall have a blunt end cap fitted. The bowsprit shall be fixed on the longitudinal centre line of the boat as provided by the manufacturer. The length of the bowsprit bridle wires shall not be shorter than 1000 mm, and they shall be attached to the bridle tangs. Supporting wires/lines may be shortened, lengthened, mounted and/or rigged in any manner. Additional blocks/cleats for spinnaker running gear and jib luff control as well as snuffer type systems may be mounted on the bowsprit.

Hobie Cat 18 Rule 1.1

1.1 Rudder blades, rudder assemblies and dagger boards shall be stock as supplied by the HOBIE CAT CO. HOBIE CAT CO. supplied rudder housings and dagger boards shall not be modified except for minimum filing to improve fit and function. Only HOBIE CAT CO. supplied after-market rudders are allowed to replace stock rudders.
Finline rudder blades shall not be considered class legal after 1st September 2017.

For assistance with this rule change

To keep the Hobie Class a one-design Hobie Cat Australasia has made a generous offer through their Hobie dealer network*. If a Hobie 18 owner takes a set (two rudders) of Finline rudders to their Hobie Cat Australasia dealer with 170 AUD the Hobie Cat Australasia dealer will replace the Finline rudder set with a set (two) of EPO3 rudders*(below cost),. This offer expires 1st August 2017.

*Terms and conditions of the buy back shall be at the discretion of Hobie Cat Australasia

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