2017 Hobie® MultiWorlds and Europeans dates and location announced

The IHCA is pleased to announce the 2017 Hobie® MultiWorlds and Europeans. We will be sailing at Zeilvereniging Noordwijk which is located on the most supreme spot on the 13 km long beach of Noordwijk, Netherlands,in front of the village centre next to the famous Grandhotel Huis ter Duin.
Racing will start 20th July to 29th July

Hobie 14 Worlds® and Dragoon
20th- 23rd July
Thursday July 20 with the Hobie 14 World Championships & Hobie Dragoon Europeans* for four consecutive days. Both classes will sail on the same courses in different starting groups.*Dragoon Europeans may upgrade to a Dragoon Worlds pending World Sailing approval

22nd -23rd July
Saturday July 22 the Hobie 16 youth, Hobie 16 women, Hobie 16 spi cup, Hobie 16 masters/grandmasters/great grandmasters Europeans will start on the second race course for two days

24th-25th July
On Monday July 24 the Hobie 16 qualifiers will start. This is a “bring your own boat” format and qualifications will take two consecutive days. Races will be held on one course.

26th July-29th July
Hobie Wild Cat World Championships will start. Hobie 16 finals will start with a Gold fleet and Silver fleet on one course fighting their European Championships. Hobie Tiger and/or Hobie FX One will sail their Europeans on the same course as Hobie Wild Cat in a separate starting group.

Of course many parties and prize giving will be happening for all our Hobie sailors and friends,

More about the venue, Zeilvereniging Noordwijk, a spacious boat parking will arise close to the club, on the south side of Grandhotel Huis ter Duin. A tented village offering a range of food & drinks for competitors and their companions, and of course several parties to celebrate friendships, rivalry and the passion for sailing, will be available as well. Sailing Hobie Cat doesn’t start or end after the surf, is our strong believe!

The sandy beach smoothly passes over to the North Sea without rocks, breakwaters or other solid constructions. After the third row of sand banks the average depth is + 18 meters. The sand banks form a modest swell dependant on the direction of the wind. Tidal currents follow a predictable pattern with two high tides and low tides a day.

As famous holiday destination and sailing venue in the Netherlands it is a wonderful location for our Hobie event. More about the venue can be found here. With the racing schedule here

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