2019 Hobie 16/20 North American Championships

Day 1

With the Hobie 16 and 20 sailors all attending the North American Championships at Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia – Canada it seems somebody forgot to order the wind.

With no wind there was no racing for the day. Though the chief judge gave an informative rules lecture which was appreciated by all the sailors.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully the wind will arrive

There was also there was a guest appearance by PU and Vicki.

Day 2

Today started rainy and cool (57 degrees F), the sailors suited up in our dry suits before leaving the accommodation as there isn’t much dry space once you arrive on site. The sailing was from the north wind today that was a bit shifty.The race committee worked hard moving buoys all over to keep the course square. There were two races sailed in mostly 3-6 knots with some higher puffs. The wind shifted a good bit but the shifts were longer duration. The right side of the course was favored and everyone knew it, the signal boat was a popular place on the start line. If you got caught in the back it looked ugly as passing lanes were few. The geography of the lake also prevented anyone from just banging a corner, multiple tacks were always required and everyone was tacking repeatedly up the right side.

In the 16 class, Ben Brown and Sarah Isaak had a very good day and are in the lead followed by Pat Porter and Heather Matthews

In the Hobie 20 Fleet we have a four way tie for first place. With all four boats on 5 points.

Day 3

Another cool day with some showers greeted the sailors at Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada for the 2019 Hobie 16/ Hobie 20 North American Championships.

After a long delay on the water the wind filled in form the south at 10-12 knots and three races were sailed. The favored side switched frequently which led to frequent lead changes.

On the Hobie 16 course Ben Brown and Sarah Isaak continued their winning way with 2 first places and a second to take healthy lead. Followed by Pat Porter and Heather Mathews in second. With Jim Sajdak and Shawn Bates in third.

Yesterday the Hobie 20’s had a four-way tie for first place. After the 3 races today the ties has been broken with Mark and Tiffany Lewis in the lead.

Day 4

What a day it was with the wind arriving on time and building to 8-10 knots at the start of the day. The race committee completed 5 races when they wind finally built to 12-15 knots producing perfect Hobie weather.It was old school Hobie sailing today with up wind finishes and the signal boat parked in the middle of the race course. The gate was far enough leeward that there were always passing opportunities on the last beat to finish. The favored side continued to switch around and staying in the wind was the game. Lots of tacks and gybes were always required with plenty of tactical decisions

On the Hobie 16 course Ben Brown and Sarah Isaak continued on their way to take a commanding lead. The race for second and third is very close between Herbert and Sharon Janes with Jim Sajdak and Shawn Bates a further 2 points behind

The Hobie 20 fleets has battle between first and second. Mark and Tiffany Lewis have a 2-point lead over Mark and Kimberly Zimmer.

With tomorrow being the last day of the competition and lots more races to held anything can happen.

Day 5, final day

The South wind came in early today and the race committee started racing promptly on time at 11:00 AM. The first race was started in seven knots but the wind built throughout the race. By the time the second race started the wind was at 15 knots. Four races were completed in the best breeze we have seen all week. The race officer got tired of our general recalls and pulled out his U flag that put an end to that. The final three races were quite spirited as the sailors were battling for final positions.
While not our usual venue, Harrison Hot Springs and western Canada delivered a really nice event in spectacular mountain lake venue. The scenery was spectacular and this was a really nice destination. Next years Hobie 16 North American Championships will be sailed in mid-September on the southern end of Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana.
Ben Brown and Sarah Isaac (USA) won the 16 class
Mark and Tiffany Lewis (USA) won the 20 class
Rich and Carol McVeigh earned the award for the most spectacular crash and burn


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