50th Australian National Hobie Championships.

Hobie 14 Aus

The Story…
Who would’ve thought that after 50 years in Australia, the Hobie Cat Class would be as thrilling, influential, and undoubtedly unique as it was all those years ago? We are pleased to announce the 50th Australian National Hobie Championships.

Just about everyone!

The Vincentia Sailing Club, in conjunction with the NSW Hobie Cat Association and Hobie Cat Asia Pacific, is overwhelmingly proud to be hosting the 50th Australian Hobie Cat National Championships on the glorious waters of Jervis Bay, NSW.

Home to the 2011 Australian Hobie Cat National Championships, and the 2014 Hobie 16 World Championships, Jervis Bay is well accustomed to the colour and excitement that Hobie Racing brings to each and every event.

The 50th Australian Hobie National Championships will be a duel series, with key details below:

Series 1: 28th December – 31st December 2022.

National Championship for:
Hobie 16 Open
Hobie 16 Masters
Hobie 16 Grand Masters
Hobie 16 Great Grand Masters
Hobie 18
Hobie 17

Series 2: 2nd January – 5th January 2023.

National Championship for:
Hobie 14
Hobie 16 Youth
Hobie 16 Women

As this is the 50th Anniversary of Hobie Cat National Championships in Australia, there will be a strong emphasis on the social and celebratory side of the regatta with smaller events and social activities planned to take place over the duration of the event, all being held on the hallowed grounds of the Vincentia Sailing Club.

Details of these activities will be released in the coming months.


We strongly advise everyone to please book your accommodation as soon as possible as the Jervis Bay region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in NSW at the best of times, and being the peak holiday season, it is expected to be VERY busy.

There are a lot of different options to help you and your mob set up camp throughout Jervis Bay. However, here’s a guide to help you out:

Plus some of the usual options:

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