Clarifying note on the use of mast floats/bobs

The Rules Committee has recently received a question about the rules related to the use of mast floats/bobs. As the matter is not equally clear spelled out for all classes, the Rules Committee would like to state the following:


  1. For the Hobie Wave class a mast float is mandatory i.a.w. the Wave Class Rules.
  2. For the rest of the classes covered by the IHCA Class Rules Booklet, the footnote to Gen. Rule 8.2 applies. It says, “Righting water bags, shroud lengthening de-vices, righting pole type devices, and righting systems other than the minimum system specified may be carried and shall be used for righting purposes only.”

Optional use of mast floats/bobs are allowed under the term “righting systems other than the minimum system specified“. The optional use of mast float/bob as part of the righting system in these classes are considered class legal.

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