Hobie Fleet 808 activity report Pescara

Yet another year this 2019 “Hobiettivamente” fantastic for the multiplicity of events in which the 808 fleet of Pescara participated with its numerous associates. There is little to the end of this decade that saw in its first years the rebirth of the Pescara fleet created 30 years ago. (for its history: http://www.associazioneitalianahobiecat.it/flotta-808-pescara/). The activity of the 808 is mainly a combination of the event called ADRIATIC HOBIE CAT CUP (AHCC), the fleet championship which has reached its twelfth edition this year: it was in fact the distant June 1989 when it was organized for the first time. But let’s proceed in temporal order 2019 remembering all the activity and trying not to forget anything or anyone.

JANUARY. Traditional awarding ceremony for the activity carried out in the previous year. The best crews of the 808 were awarded by the IX ZONE FIV ABRUZZO REGION during the annual ceremony called “The Stars of Sailing 2018”. For article and photos: http://www.associazioneitalianahobiecat.it/news-dalla-flotta-808-pescara-24-settembre-finale-adriatic-hobie-cat-cup-2017-2-2-2/. The IX ZIV FIV gold roll is on http://ix-zona.federvela.it/it/content/albo-doro

FEBRUARY. Review stage on the 2017-2020 race regulation.

MARCH. Awakening for most of the 808 hobiecatters with activity in the water, especially for the coldest and the “masters”, since the activity of the youths crews never stops thanks to the industriousness of the A.S.D. Loosely, a sailing club chaired by the federal instructor Mauro Di Feliceantonio, assisted mainly by Federico Farina and Paolo Ciamarone. The headquarter of the club, dragoon federal center for several years, has moved from the month of May to the storage of the Il Traghetto bathhouse, expanding and doubling the capacity for the cats on the ground in the area. In fact, in the neighboring historical storage of the Barracuda bathhouse, excellently organized by the Roberto Piersante obobiecatter, there are also boats located in other garages of the city. The group therefore counts over one hundred individuals between racers and sympathizers embracing more than a few generations. The old guard joined, as mentioned, the new youths crews to find themselves all together, as well as around the buoys, cheerfully returning to the usual excellent and abundant crews party in the true spirit of the Hobie Way of Life. What is really important is that there is not only the extreme agonism of the elite: this is the spirit that animates the group and reflects the “Hobie Way of Life” in which all owners can be involved and have fun with their families . The saying: “A Hobie is a cat for racing and fun” is true, that is a boat that can be used for racing and for fun.

APRIL: first tests of the AHCC, respectively on Sunday 14 and 28.

MAY: dispute of the Italian multiclass Hobie Cat absolute championship, perfectly reorganized by Svagamente asd, which repeats the success of the 2015 edition. beautiful days of wind and sun, then a “Pescara sailing paradise”. Organization on land and at sea masterly, welcoming the numerous crews coming from every part of Italy and also from neighboring countries, Hobie way of Life to copy as a model, press review and excellent TV services, untiring staff make the organizing circle, in synergy with the large participation of 808 local crews, an example to be imitated. On the event, article “Pescara re loaded! Vote hobie way of life: 10 and praise! “And photos in: http://www.associazioneitalianahobiecat.it/campionato-italiano-multiclasse-2018-lago-di-bracciano-1-3-giugno-2-2/

JUNE: dispute of the “Cozzolino trophy”, now in its fourth edition. His family, his 808’s friends, all together in the water and on the ground with the legendary crew party, in memory of Paolo. For article and photo: http://www.associazioneitalianahobiecat.it/news-dalla-flotta-808-pescara-trofeo-cozzolino-2/
This year the organization of the Tramonto Cup or night-time outings on full-moon days have been neglected, but done regularly in previous years. Under the “palm of the fleet”, during the weekend it is expected that the beach will be spotted by summer swimmers to seize the shoreline and show off in the water in the colors of sunset and at night.

JULY: it is notoriously the month of raids. For the NOT “competitive” hobiecatters, it is the most awaited event. The raid is always perceived as an aggregative, social and pleasant event. In fact, moving on to the more playful than competitive activity, this event is expected and felt by everyone, from the students of the sailing school but not only. Everyone wants to bivouac on the tents mounted directly on the hobie with the cats by the sea in the total peace of the protected marine oasis, cradled only by the sound of the waves of the shoreline and awakening at dawn with the rising sun. For the members of the 808 fleet in Pescara, there are only a few miles from home but it will be the magical place, the protected marine sites without chaos, the summer, the desire to have fun and above all the atmosphere of the fantastic group that … seems to be in California!! Although some crews occasionally and without warning with favorable weather and sea conditions, during iw / and summer, they leave for raids to spend in the day, there are the “official” and scheduled ones, with assistance in the water and in land transport logistics, that moves a caravan of about 100 between organizers, crews and companions. This year, after two editions of the CERRANO RAID, sailing north from Pescara to the Tower of Cerrano, in the municipality of Pineto in the province of Teramo, we returned to the south with final arrival at the Tollo station, well before the middle of the years precedents of Ortona with the Raid of the Saracens made in the first 2 editions of the raids.

AUGUST: “vacation” period, some leave, activity 808 partially slows down. Social activity with “atolls”, crew party all together offshore with more boats attached to each other, or hobie roost, the traditional kebabs cooked directly in water on a floating barbecue prototype mounted on two windsurfing boards. Someone even proposed to moor it in the regatta near the windward mark so that the scent of delicacies invaded the race course! But so much more; sailboats, hobie surfing (hobiecat-drawn skier) .

SEPTEMBER: great satisfaction from the cantera of the sailing school. Chronologically: in Bari for the Italian double fiv championships, tricolor title to Giulia Grilli and Pietro Bellot, later awarded also by the mayor of our company. city; Enrica Morelli and Sofia Rubino, first class dragoon in Torvaianica (also remembering the podium at Bolsena at the end of June); Luca Di Nisio is awarded by the Abruzzo region as “protection of athletic talent”, for the excellent season played together with his bowman Bianca Appignani. In this month there is also the canonical appointment with Velandiamo, the “barcolana” of the inhabitants of Pescara: considering the large participation in the classic town, a departure reserved for the catamaran category has been necessary for several years now. At the end of the month, dispute of the tests of the IX ZONA FIV catamaran championship, valid also as last days of the AHCC.

OCTOBER: training session organized by the instructor Mauro Di Feliceantonio.

NOVEMBER: Annual fleet assembly, points discussed: 1) HC activities and 2019 statistical data; hobiecatter assigned page FB, activity IX ZONE FIV; 2) membership fee and 2020 national calendar draft; 3). confirmations, ratifications and / or amendments to the AHCC regulation; 4) 2020 raid on bivouac weekend: place / base choice; 5). raid 2020 (accession survey) long-haul (several days on horseback in mid-August – weekday period); 6). possibility of racing with Le Mans style start; 7). participation in other events: Ammiraglio LNI trophy, Velandiamo La Scuffia; 8). viewing films at 30 years of activity (before AHCC 11.06.1989)

to follow ….: social dinner Christmas greetings, AHCC awarding and IX ZONE FIV ABRUZZO
stay tuned

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