Hobie Le Man racing from Hobie Fleet 808

Hobie Le Mand 2022 52

From an entirely original idea of the commodore of the Pescara fleet, a sailing game designed to entertain all Hobie sailor enthusiasts of the Hobie Fleet 808. The second time the long-awaited event.

After a September lacking in sailing events due essentially to the Sunday rain, finally, with the first Sunday in October, a beautiful sunny day with a nice south/east scirocco wind with variable strength from 10 to 12 knots, the ideal for this type of event.
The crews of the Hobie Fleet 808 have filled the shoreline with colour by making an appointment at the Barracuda storage in Pescara Nord to give rise to HOBIE LE MANS 2022.

What is it about? What did the Commodore think? Let’s read the rules from him:
“Hobie Fleet 808’s non-competitive play event! the formula of the event is the same as the famous car start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In this case, the Hobie Cat 16 is on the shoreline held by the bridle by the crew while the other crew member will run from a certain distance to reach the companion to leave.

However, the crews will compete in qualifying heats (in groups of 4 boats to avoid critical issues at the exit especially and when returning from the breakwater cliffs), losing repechage in further “last chance” heats for a shift, then semi-finals and final.
The boats will be positioned in the starting line for the upper hand by lot (excluding the hypothesis of doing it based on a difficult Hobie Fleet 808’s ranking as not all crews have participated in the previous events): the alphabetic and alphanumeric chronological sequences of the scoreboard give the right to choose the position in the starting line.

It is forbidden to obstruct the opponent in the foot race under the penalty of DSQ. Furthermore, fairness in the water was observed with the regatta rules, especially in the basic rule of “rock obstacle”.

Race and boat start line judges are provided: it is forbidden to move before the start of the race. the boat must also be stopped before the partner arrives and touches the boat on the shore. only then can you leave.

The exit to the open sea from the rocks can take place in 3 openings (as shown in the arrows indicative of the plan) while the return to the beach, after having rounded the buoy (positioned upwind, to be left to the left), must strictly take place within the channel of the Barracuda, obligatorily inside the white flags at the entrance.

Windward buoy positioned before the first heat: if the wind direction changes subsequently for the other heats, it will possibly be repositioned.

The main and very important rule: if the registered helmsman does not have “his” crew, one will be on board loaned by another Hobie Fleet 808 crew not competing obviously in that battery. The aim is to let everyone compete.

Any disputes or choices are resolved with a majority of the participating crews’ votes.
The event starts on Sunday at 11 am, punctuality! 8 heats to be raced. Extraction of battery positions Saturday at 13 in the presence of a public official!

START / FINISH flags: Flotta 808 guidone, Scavolini, HC class letter (white and yellow), Hobie cat Tequila 808 sailing school and centre flags, Hobie Sailing.

Skippers meeting at 10.50 am: in any case, the official communication channel is the WhatsApp 808’HC16 group. Fairness and good fun! “.
Considering that the Hobie Fleet 808 fleet is not only made up of “racers”, but also and above all of the people who use the catamaran in the true spirit of the Hobie Way of Life, it was hoped for large participation as it was, also favoured by the weather still felt like summer although we are already in autumn. The purpose of HLM2022 is to make everyone, youths, masters and grandmasters “play” with their favourite toy, the Hobie cat. As an example, it should be remembered that the RAID
has been organized for many years (in the month of June or July) 2021 / or
with the whole family tent mounted on the bivouac. But still many events, such as night outings in summer and more (the history of the fleet, with a small photo gallery of things done, here:

Returning to HLM2022, on Saturday, as scheduled, the draw of the crews for the qualifying heats was held. Starting line position, as written in the regulation, with the extraction of beach marbles modified internally with the faces or actions of the members and with the colour of the ball equal to the main sail game colour. Following an inspection, verification of the shoreline with the palms of the establishment at the end of the bathing season was almost dismantled. Summit crews with starting line problem solving and latest info.

Very hard-fought tests with some very tight finishes up to the finish pole where the bell to the ring was positioned.
Lots of fun on land and in the water, “HOBIEctively” fantastic! At the end all cheerfully together with podium awards and the usual crew party model, Hobie way of life 808’s with the inevitable local food of “kebabs”!! Enjoy the endless photo gallery, but also lots of videos (GoPro on forestay cat and more).

To majora semper 808!

Sandro, commodore Hobie fleet 808 Pescara (Italy)

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