Hobie Multiworlds and Europeans start (series 1)

The first to start racing in La Rochelle were the Hobie 14 and Dragoon World Championships and the Hobie 16 Youth. With 15 Dragoons, 23 Hobie 14 and 32 Hobie 16 Youth teams taking to the water. La Rochelle turned on some perfect Hobie weather. 12-15 knots gusting up to 19 knots produced some perfect Hobie racing. There were 3 races on the Hobie 14 and Dragoon course and 4 races for the Hobie 16 Youth it was an excellent start to the series.

In the Hobie Dragoon the top 3 are all close on points with all three winning a race. At present Boris Goethals holds a slight lead over Jules Van Poppel and Ewan Triponel .

Dan Borg could not have started the Hobie 14 World Championships in a more explosive fashion. Three first places puts the Canadian well clear on the leader board

Andrea Tramutola also had an impressive start in the Hobie 16 Youth.  Three first places and a third to be clear of the rest of the fleet.

Day 2

Three more races were held on all course today.

For the Dragoon World Championships, Ewen Trionel and Titouan Olite produced a great day of consistent sailing with three second places to take the lead.

At the Hobie 14 World Championships Ludovic Siguret from France took the lead of the championships with a first, second, first. While overnight leader Dan Borg slipped back to third place.

In the Hobie 16 Youth Andrea Tramutola maintained the lead despite being over the start line early in the third race of the day.


Day 3

Light winds greeted the sailors in La Rochelle today. Though it was enough to get get 3 races happening on the courses.

What a day on the water for Jules Van Poppel and Jack Daman on the Dragoon course. Three first places to now take the lead. Yesterday’s leader Ewen Triponel and Titouan Olite with two seconds and fourth will keep the pressure on the young Belgium team. So there will be lots more action on the Dragoon racing tomorrow.

Arnaud Thieme continued on his great streak from yesterday. Wining two races and finishing second in the other race. Ludovic Siguret had a consistent day but allowed Arnaud to move a little further away on the leader board. Dan Borg won the third race of the day to maintain 3rd place overall. With Eduardo Cleiton Da Silva just  four points further way. It certain will be a full battle on the water tomorrow to determine the podium places.

The Hobie 16 Youth had equal honours today. Andrea Tramutola /Chiara Spota and Frederico Spina/ Ludovica Festino both had a first, third and fourth to share the daily honours but Andrea Tramutola /Chiara Spota hold a point lead in the championships.

Day 4 , last day and podium positions with new World Hobie Champions

Light winds greeted the sailors in La Rochelle for the final day of racing in the first series. Racing did get underway with the light winds and smooth seas.

Arnaud Thieme FRA (2013 Hobie 14 World Champion) won a hard-fought battle with Ludovic Siguret FRA (1998 Hobie 16 Youth World Champion) With Dan Borg CAN hanging on to the podium place by one point from Eduardo Cleiton Da Silva BRA

Jules Van Poppel and Jack Daman BEL continued on their on water battle with Ewen Triponel and Titouan Olite TAH. Trading wins and second places it was the young Belgium team that won out in the end. Boris Goethals and Leonard Martens BEL the other podium place.

The Hobie 16 Europeans start tomorrow

Dragoon Results

Hobie 14 Results

Hobie 16 Youth

Hobie 16 EHCA Spi Cup

Hobie 16 Grand Masters European



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