Hobie youth in France back in 2019

The come back of youth Hobie sailors in the French Federal Competition

2019 will mark a further step in Youth Hobie sailors’ life in France. Following discussions which started two years ago between the French Sailing Federation and the French Hobie Class Association (AFHC), the Hobie Cat 16 Spi is coming back in the Youth French Federal Championship. This is a great opportunity to bring back Hobie 16 in clubs and to encourage coaches to teach on a very technical and educational boat!

Since years, the Hobie Cat 16 Spi had disappeared from the Federal “tour”. This tour is composed by a Youth National competition and a Youth French Federal Championship. Consequently, Hobie Cat 16 spi was not considered as a teaching boat in clubs. The Hobie 16 was only considered as a leisure boat.

Due to the work of the AFHC, a first step has been taken in 2018 with the reintroduction of the Hobie 16 Spi in the Youth National competition. But the real change is announced for 2019 with the welcome of Hobie 16 in the Youth French Federal Championship, the most prestigious Federal championship for youth.

2019 will considered by the Sailing Federation as an experimentation phase for Hobie 16 Spi; the boat will have to prove that its return is really wanted by youth, clubs and coaches. For this reason, the Sailing Federation impose conditions:
1/ To welcome Hobie 16 for the 2019 Youth French Federal Championship (Brest – August 2019), there must be at least 15 Hobie 16 at the Youth National (Mandelieu – April 2019).
2/ To award Hobie sailors by gold, silver and bronze medals during the 2019 Youth French Federal Championship, there must be at least 15 Hobie 16 participating.

We strongly encourage all Hobie sailors to take part to the National Youth, and then to the Youth French Federal Championship in 2019!

Adélie Pomade
AFHC – President

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