IHCA Rules Committee publishes a Hobie 18 Rule change for comment

The IHCA Rules Committee has published a comment period to change the Hobie 18 rudder rule.

An issue with the Hobie Cat 18 rudders has been raised with Rules Committee for clarification. Addressing this, we hereby distribute our proposal for comments according to the provisions of General Class Rule 24 and the policy of IHCA. Changes to the current rule are in red italic.

1. Hobie Cat 18 Rule 1.1

1.1 Rudder blades, rudder assemblies and dagger boards shall be stock as supplied by the HOBIE CAT CO. HOBIE CAT CO. supplied rudder housings and dagger boards shall not be modified except for minimum filing to improve fit and function. Only HOBIE CAT CO. supplied after-market rudders are allowed to replace stock rudders.
Existing Finline rudder blades mounted prior to 1/1 2017 are allowed for class racing within the Australian National Hobie Class Association area of jurisdiction. Replacements for these existing Finline rudder blades shall be supplied by Hobie Cat Co.

Clarification of the situation where Hobie Cat Co. in Australia for a period in the past supplied Hobie Cat 18s mounted with Finline rudder blades.

Comments to be sent to rules@hobieclass.com with copy to david.brookes@hobieclass.com. Please state your full name and the Hobie Association/Fleet you are a paid up member of when making your comment. Deadline: February 7, 2017.

The proposed changes are supposed to go into effect immediately under provision of IHCA Council approval.

Erik Olsen
IHCA Rules Committee Chair

The full document can be downloaded here

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