Jinzhou, the 2nd leg of the Hobie® China Regatta.

The sailors departed Dalian on a five hour bus trip through the north part of China to start the second part of the series. When arriving in Jinzhou the boats had arrived well before the sailors. They all left Dalian on the trucks with the modified Hobie trailer. To everyone’s delight the boats were on the beach with the masts up.

Not all the sailors from Dalian could particulate in Jinzhou. Some new sailors joined the group. With 21 teams from 4 countries participated

After a spectacular opening ceremony Jinzhou was presented by the IHCA a certificate as the newest IHCA Hobie Fleet. Welcome aboard Hobie Fleet 988 Jinzhou.

Day 1
After the ceremony the sailors left the beach for four back-to-back races. The wind was a steady 8-12 knots. With flat water it was superb Hobie Cat racing. The teams all come shore all beaming and excited from the racing. The brothers Damrongsak and Kitsada Vongtim (THA)
Won all fours races to continue on their winning way from Dalian. Thailand teams dominated taking the top 3 spots. Though 3rd spot is on a count-back so anything could happen with lots more races planned.

Jinzhou results day 1

Day 2
With wind gusting up to 37 knots and the harbour department closing the port for safety reasons there was no racing for the day. Though the sailors enjoyed a sociable day.

Day 3
After the strong winds of yesterday the sailors were greeted with a high overcast and much cooler day. Racing started earlier to make up for the last races the day before.The wind was much lighter when the sailors left the beach. The breeze slowly filled in for the sailors on their way to the start line.

After a delay waiting for the wind to increase and stabilise two races were conducted in 5-7 knots. Damrongsak and Kitsada Vongtim (THA) continued on their winning way with winning both races of the day. Teerapong Watiboonruang and Nutpatsorn Wachirapongsin (THA) finished second on both races to secure second place overall.

Damrongsak commented, after sailing in sailing competitions in China for many years, the Chinese Hobie sailors are very much improved. If they keep progressing at the spped they are going they will soon be number 1 in Asia.

Special thanks to the Jinzhou Government, Chinese Yachting Association and the Chinese Hobie Dealer

Jinzhou final results

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