Presidents October Report

It’s been a hot summer but now fall is here and the sailing season is coming to a close in the Northern Hemisphere. Soon we will have ice and cold temperatures where I live. Twice a year there is a gap between sailing season and ski season for me and at my house, it’s called “home improvement season”. We have a big bathroom project planned.

Looking back it was a good sailing season, although not as windy as we would have liked. We attended many events and enjoyed the company of Hobie sailors from around the world. Here are some highlights of our travels.

The 40th anniversary of the Madcatter was the largest Hobie regatta in North America. Hosted by Fleet 204 from Syracuse, NY, the fleet put on an impressive three-day event that was attended by over 100 boats. I am already looking forward to next years Madcatter.

Hobie 16 Worlds – China. My first visit to China was a great experience. We toured, saw the sights, walked on the Great Wall and raced a world championship with some of the best Hobie 16 sailors in the world. Our experiences will be remembered for a long time.

Hobie 16 North Americans – Mexico. This year we visited Puerto Penasco, Mexico for the Hobie 16 & 18 North American’s and it was the first time the Hobie 16 event was held in Mexico. I live on the east coast of the USA so it was a 52-hour road trip for us, drive-sleep-drive, etc. It was a beautiful spot but unusual for us. The landscape was desert right up to the water and very different from what we are used to. At sunset the entire sky would glow yellow and orange. I have driven across the USA eight times now, always pulling Hobies. This was my first drive across the far southwest and the desert scenery was different than my previous trips. The Sonoran Desert was straight out of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, you might not know about that if you aren’t from the USA but it was a childhood cartoon we used to watch on Saturday mornings, Google it if you are interested.

Next year the Hobie 16 North American Championships are in South Dakota. Here in North America we try to follow an east-west-middle rotation with the goal moving events around the region. It’s been a while since we have visited the upper mid-west. We went to Iowa a few years ago and everyone asked “where are you sailing in Iowa”? Isn’t there only corn in Iowa? Yes the upper mid-west is very agricultural but it’s also classic mid-west Americana and there is nothing to stop the wind. We are looking forward to our next visit to the middle of the USA, the small-town experience, and another great North American Hobie championship.

The Multiworlds/16 Europeans in Noordwijk, the Netherlands looks to be the big international event for 2017.

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