The Speed Stick Competition

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Yes, that’s right, there’s a competition going on right now. It’s running throughout the year at every sailing venue on the planet.
I’m talking about the Speed Stick competition from Joyrider TV.

It’s just about sailing fast.

Here’s how it works:
When you go sailing, take a GPS device with you whether it’s a watch, dedicated GPS like the Velocitek, an action cam with inbuilt GPS, or your phone running a GPS app such as Strava (set to windsurf to get the speed in knots)

When you’ve finished your session, check the GPS and send the details of your top speed to
Along with some info:
Helm + Crew names
Type of boat
Evidence – a screenshot or photo of your GPS

Plus you can add a photo of the sailors with the boat or an action shot or shot video clip which will be included in the next Speed Stick Update Video on Joyrider TV.

See the video on how it works.

Yes, we’re just looking at max speed, it’s not the most accurate and GPS inaccuracies do occur. That’s because not everyone has the facility to measure speed over a time or distance.
What we ask is that you are honest about your speed, if it felt pretty slow but your GPS shows a single spike of a much higher speed then it’s probably some kind of GPS glitch. (Also try to avoid having the GPS running before or after your sail – maybe when you head off on your motorbike will show a very high speed!)

You’re not only competing against the rest of the world, sailors from your country or club. You’re competing against yourself and your previous best speed.

You can submit as many speeds as you like, as long as the next one is faster. If you change crew that doesn’t mean another entry to the stick but if you change helm or type of boat then it’s a new entry.

Get out there, sheet in, and hang on. Keep it safe, and good luck!

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