Cozzolino Trophy

Hobie Cozzolino Trophy 25

Fourteen Hobie 16 started on a beautiful sunny summer day, with north wind Tramontana and with variable intensity between 8-10 knots for the Cozzolino Trophy.

The Hobie sailors of the Pescara 808 fleet coloured the Pescara Beach on a typical summer day full of swimmers, magically attracted by the explosion of the colours of the Hobie sails.

Organised by the sailing club Svagamente asd. In addition, yet another opportunity for comparison between the sailors of D’Annunzio’s fleet with the students of Mauro Di Feliceantonio’s sailing school to see the progress made by the youth crews.
Other young crews also participated in the regatta combined with the trophy named in memory of Paolo, in their separate, Dragoon category.

Winner for the third time and winner of the coveted trophy having already triumphed in the 2016 and 2021 regattas, the crew Carlo Metadow, in great shape considered the last events always winner, this time together with his wife Serena Luliani. Second place for Marcello Cozzolino – Roberto Olivieri, third the female crew Caterina Dall’Olio – Di Tillio Camilla.
A heartfelt thanks to the Cozzolino family who regularly do their best every year on this festive day. Paolo’s son, in the speech preceding the award ceremony, remembers that “There were 6 beautiful series, a year unfortunately missed due to the virus covid19, happy that Carlo (editor’s note, Metadow) won because he was widely deserved, you have given me a big gift over the years with your large participation, demonstration of affection for me and for my father Paolo. Taken as a gift, I also gave my best to be with you”.

Superb harmony in a crew party offered by Mrs Cozzolino and sons Marcello and Serena in the true spirit of the Hobie Way of Life.

The racing contributed was for the fleet championship, the AHCC (Adriatic Hobie Cat Cup), now in its fifteenth year. In the lead, after 15 tests, Cozzolino-Ciattoni / Olivieri, second Marino-De Felice / Piersanti / De Santis, third Schiazza-Di Tillio / Nasoni / D’Addario.

Sandro – commodore fleet 808 Pescara

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