IHCA Presidents July 2022

Ihca Palm Trees

We are about ½ way through the sailing season now in North America. Today is one of those days, where it’s so hot you don’t want to leave the house. I am also quarantining following yet another COVID exposure. Considering the temperatures outside, I suppose it’s not a bad time to have to quarantine. Fortunately, it seems I have managed to avoid it yet again, Carol however wasn’t so lucky. Switching on my microbiologist hat for a moment, vaccines work, and this is perfect example. Carol got infected on a trip while I was at home and has mild symptoms, she didn’t have any symptoms until returning home. Out of a sense of community, we have both stayed at home while this ran its course. We are living in the same house, and I didn’t get it. Meanwhile I am enjoying seeing some Facebook posts of sailors skiing in Australia and the European Hobie Championships in Northern Germany, both spots look a lot cooler than here at my house.

Working the early morning before it got OMG hot, I also completed a reorganization of my garage. Like most of us, I accumulated a lot of Hobie parts and assorted hardware. I had everything in cabinets, but they were getting overcrowded, and it was time to reorganize. I purchased a wall rack with lots of little hanging bins and after sorting through everything it’s now much better. Lots of screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, and assorted hardware all organized and labelled. I like organization.

The world championships are not so far away now. The way the schedule worked out this year, there have been fewer regattas in my area giving us more time at home. We have been using this time to get out and practice in a variety of conditions. Those that sail with me regularly, know there are some wind ranges where we do better than others. We have been working to address those “other wind ranges”. Borrowing a phrase from Hamish Wilcox, we all tend to polish the shiny side of the vase but what we really need to do is work on the dirty side.

What’s next, we have a couple more regattas to come and more practice time. We are plotting some group practice sessions as well. For those coming to Spain, I look forward to seeing you there.

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