Hobie Cat Wave Rule 6.10 change proposal

Date: Middelfart, DENMARK, August 15, 2019
To: Hobie Cat sailors, IHCA Council members and IHCA Regional Associations
From: IHCA Rules Committee
Subject: Hobie Cat Wave Rule 6.10 change proposal

Dear all,

Based on feedback and after consultations with representatives of the Hobie Cat Wave sailors the Rules Committee has decided to propose Hobie Cat Wave Rule 6.10 changed as follows:

Hobie Cat Wave Rule 6.10
Amend to read:

“A line or shock cord line may through a single block be attached to the bridle wires and run to a cleat of any design on the front crossbar to adjust mast rake. The mechanical purchase shall not exceed 2:1. There can only be one place of attachment anywhere on either of the bridal wires. Attachment to the bridle wires may be rigged in any manner and the dead end of the running line may be attached anywhere on the front crossbar.”


The proposal replaces the interpretation statement posted on June 10, 2019 and will have status as interim ruling until formally approved by the IHCA Council.

Comments to be sent to rules@hobieclass.com with copy to david.brookes@hobieclass.com. Please state your full name and the Hobie Association/Fleet you are a paid up member of when making your comment. Deadline: AUG 30, 2019.

The proposed changes are supposed to go into effect as of October 1, 2019, under provision of IHCA Council approval.

Erik Olsen
IHCA Rules Committee Chair

PDF document

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